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Artec 3D Scanner

Artec Spider 3D Scanner


The Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center has a handheld Artec Spider 3D Scanner available for use. (pictured to the right)


  • Good for the digital replication of small to medium-sized objects

  • Objects are scanned by pressing the trigger on the device and pointing it at the object while moving it around the object, as many scans as necessary can be done and fused together to produce a full 3D model


  • The scanner utilizes a blue LED light for pattern fringe triangulation of objects

  • It projects a series of linear patterns onto the object being scanned, examining the edges of each line in the pattern to determine distance from the scanner to the object's surface


  • Real time 3D model output to allow the user to see overall scan progress at any time

  • The ability to re-scan or scan over a previous section of an object to make corrections

  • The ability to capture and replicate object textures


  • 3D Resolution up to 0.1 mm

  • 1.3MP texture resolution

  • Maximum field of view: 180 mm x 140 mm

  • Output formats: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, AOP, ASCII, PTX, B57, XYZRGB

  • Full specifications for the device can be found here

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