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Bakken Medical Devices Center to Join the Innovation Pillar of the Institute for Engineering in Medicine
May 7, 2021

The Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center (BMDC) at the University of Minnesota, an internationally known center of excellence in the training and practice of medical technology innovation, is being incorporated within the University of Minnesota Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM). IEM, which is uniquely situated under both the Medical School and the College of Science and Engineering, has a mission to advance healthcare by strengthening research collaborations between engineering and medicine in both academia and industry.

New and existing BMDC programs will form the core of the IEM Innovation Pillar, whose mission is to accelerate the development and commercialization of medical innovations. By capitalizing on their combined expertise, experience, and institutional support, BMDC and the IEM aim to make the University of Minnesota known nationally and internationally as a top leader in medical technology innovation.

Starting July 1, 2021, Mechanical Engineering Professor Art Erdman, the founding director of BMDC, and Carla Pavone, the Associate Director of the Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship and the Program Director of Minnesota Innovation Corps, will become the co-Associate Directors of the IEM Innovation Pillar. They will be joined by two BMDC Associate Directors, Drs. Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari and Matthew Johnson.

“Together, this team will accelerate biomedical innovation at the University by supporting new initiatives and partnering with existing University programs that already do so much to develop and commercialize medical technologies,” says Carla Pavone. “We will also provide more opportunities to current and potential industry partners to engage with University researchers and facilities like BMDC.”

“I’m excited for this next phase of BMDC,” says Art Erdman. “I’ve seen the Center go from a few rooms in Shepherd Labs to leading medical device conferences and partnering with companies worldwide. And I’ve always thought, ‘We can do more.’ By integrating with IEM and connecting more closely with the innovation ecosystem at the U, BMDC will become an even more vibrant partner in innovation and commercialization.”

For more information please contact:

COVENTOR - An Emergency Ventilator Alternative Built for Rapid Deployment. The Bakken MDC and many others have come together to help alleviate the stress on the healthcare system in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.Support the BMDC with the Covid-19 Emergency Ventilator Alternative

Medical Design Briefs: 7/21/21 - Steve Richardson & Art Erdman participated in a webinar provided a concise and exciting review of the Coventor development. Click here to watch the full webinar.

Media Coverage: 3/11/21 - The Association of American Universities (AAU)

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June 15, 2021: Our BMDC MedWorx team member 'Bre' has been invaluable to our group's success in many ways. We are so proud that she has been recognized by the University of Minnesota and the College of Science and Engineering for her volunteerism! Read the CSE article and the UMN brief.

March 9, 2021 - Impact through Innovation: Inside the Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center webinar hosted by the College of Science and Engineering featuring Dr. Art Erdman, Dr. Gwen Fischer, Danny Sachs and Ibrahim Yikkini.

March 2, 2021 - Congrats to IFP alums Brian Krohn and Adam Black. Their start-up, Soundly, was awarded an innovation grant from Launch Minnesota. Company has developed a digital therapy for snoring. Read the article about the "UMN Supporting State Effort to Bolster Startups, Innovation"

June 17, 2020 - Interdisciplinary Innovation Brings 3D/Virtual Reality Training to Orthopedic Residents

April 30, 2020 - Alumni Fellow Gwenyth Fischer was interviewed on WCCO | CBS Minnesota Minnevators about the U of M Respiratory Procedure Box. Click here to watch the interview.

Feb. 06, 2020 - Alumni Fellows John Scandurra and Karl Vollmers founded Aria CV in 2010 and today Aria CV is receiving FDA Breakthrough Designation for it's medical device that treats Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Read the full Business Wire Article.

Jan. 29, 2020 - "It does mankind and womankind little good for innovations to sit on the shelf." explains Art Erdman in a recent article about the UMN's collaborations with China, Read the full article in this StarTribune Article.

Nov. 19, 2019 - "Driving life-changing discoveries" Learn about the partnership between Boston Scientific and the University of Minnesota that brings together some of the brightest minds in the field, while also developing the next generation of medical device industry leaders.

Sept. 8, 2019- The Bakken MDC joined Open Streets Minneapolis - University of MN + Motley event from 11am-5pm to interact with thousands within the community. Attendees learned about the state-of-the-art research we do that includes designing, prototyping and testing new medical devices. The Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center booth was located in-between McNamara and Williams Arena on University Avenue.

Aug. 28, 2019- The Bakken MDC, Dr. Weight and team gave fairgoers an inside look when they brought a $2 million dollar robotic surgical system to the Minnesota State Fair. The da Vinci® Surgical System is used in complex surgeries using a minimally invasive approach. Surgeons demonstrated just how precise this tool is and what it allows surgeons to do by "operating" on a Pronto Pup, and by peeling the skin of a grape, without damaging the grape itself. View the piece John Lauritsen from WCCO highlighted 'Surgery On A Stick: U of M Showcases New Technology At State Fair'

Aug. 12, 2019- Don't miss the MN Science Museum's exhibit on MN Innovations from medical devices and SPAM to Rollerblades and zubaz. Dr. Erdman was interviewed by WCCO about Why MN is so Innovative, take a look!

Aug. 2, 2019- "Minne Ties non-invasive jaw fixation medical device minimizes patient discomfort, injury risk for surgeons." Minne Ties was developed during Dr. Alan Johnson's time as an Innovation Fellow. Read the full article

July 17, 2019- "What their bodies (and summer schedules) can handle" Student-athletes don't typically take the summer off. Between off-season workouts and classes, three student athletes are spending their summer as Interns here at the Bakken MDC. Read the full UMN New & Events Article!

Oct. 21, 2018- With a heavy heart, we inform you that Dr. Earl E. Bakken passed away peacefully on Sunday Oct. 21 in his Hawaiian home at the age of 94. "The MDC wouldn't have been possible without the foundation Dr. Bakken built in MN" -Dr. Arthur Erdman. He will be missed!

Sept. 24, 2018- Aria CV (Fellows Alum Start-up) won the TCT 2018 Shark Tank Competition.

Sept. 15, 2018- "Developed at the U, wiring jaws without the wires" Learn more about the Bakken MDC Innovation Fellows Minne Ties jaw-fixation system in the StarTribune article.

May 24, 2018- Innovation Fellows Alumni, Adam Choe, "Finds Passion in Entrepreneurship, Leads Twin Cities Medtech Accelerator | Technological Leadership Institute".

May 24, 2018- "Life after Launch: Accelerators Prime Startups for Growth" Brian Krohn, CEO of Soundly and alumnus of the Bakken MDC's Innovation Fellows Program, pitches his snoring reduction app to investors and entrepreneurs at LiveBETA Medtech on Monday.

April 23, 2018- Our very own Greg Peterson was interview by KSTP about what consumers should be asking before getting a medical device. The interview covered additional steps the US FDA is currently taking.

March 9, 2018- "Computation Modeling, Digital Health Focus of Design of Medical Devices Conference" Read more on what Dr. Erdman has to say in the MedicalDesign Briefs Article.

Dec. 20, 2017- The University of Minnesota promotes medical innovation and entrepreneurship among nurses in a workshop that seeks to give nurses tools to translate medtech ideas into reality. Read this Twin Cities Business Article to Learn More.

Nov. 22, 2017- Ties That Bind: A Device for Healing Fractured Jaws Becomes the U of M Innovation Fellows' First Product to Reach Market. Read the full UMN Legacy Article.

Nov. 9, 2017- Innovation Fellow Alumni Brian Krohn combats snoring and creates wizard tools. "From wizard staffs and surgery tools to sleep apps, this Minnesota genius applies science to real life." Read the StarTribune Article for more information.

Oct. 5, 2017- UMN Faculty and Innovation Fellow Alumni develop an app to prevent snoring. Read the MN Business article for more info.

Sept. 20, 2017- University of Minnesota to lead $14M national NIH study of non-drug therapies to prevent chronic back pain. Learn More.

Aug. 14, 2017- Introducing the Divining Rod. Innovation Fellows Alumni Ben Arcand is putting what he learned to use outside the medical devices box to impact the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) Community! Learn More about the launch and follow the progress.

Aug. 4, 2017- Earl Bakken Medical Device Center Hosts Medical Alley and German Cluster Leaders in Digital Health & Collaboration Roundtable.

Dr. Erdman with 3D Models of the Martinez Twins

Dr. Erdman with 3D printed models of the Martinez Twins

July 2017- The Bakken MDC had the privilege to assist in the planning of separating conjoined twins with 3D Visualization Technology. Watch or read the news stories covering the seperation:


July 17, 2017- The University of Minnesota renames two centers in honor of College of Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota alumnus Earl Bakken. The Medical Devices Center is proud to receive this honor!

"The Medical Devices Center wouldn't be possible without the foundation Earl Bakken built in Minnesota," said Arthur Erdman, Ph.D., director of the Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center. "Having his name officially associated with our center is an honor, and we are committed to continuing to live up to his charge, to create new technologies to improve health."

"I am pleased and honored to have the Center named for me. The innovation that takes place there is crucial to the advancement of healthcare that keeps the well-being of the patient as its focus. As an electrical engineer In the early days, I spent many hours side-by-side with the doctors and surgeons so that their needs and new ideas could be expeditiously developed, getting  life-saving therapy to a patient in record time This type of collaboration is key to finding new ways to help people live longer, fuller lives." - Dr. Earl E. Bakken

Read More!

July 7, 2017- Summer is a great time for student lead projects at the MDC. A team of graduate and undergraduate students are developing a prosthetic to improve the buoyancy of a green sea turtle, named Seemore, from the Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America. Read Seemore's Story.

June 30, 2017- "Optimizing Infant Nutrition with Breastmilk Device" awarded grant (along with 3 others) to support medtech projects with commercialization potential, Learn More.

June 15, 2017- DO YOU SNORE? UMN Innovation Fellows Alumni create a digital health spinoff, developing game-based app to reduce snoring. Learn more by reading the Twin Cities Business Magazine article.

June 5, 2017- A jaw fracture device, based on technology developed by Dr. Alan Johnson during his time as a Sr. Innovation Fellow, receives FDA approval. “This technology holds enormous potential to benefit society, which is a big part of our mission as a public research university.” - Dr. Art Erdman, MDC Director read more about this new technology in the CSE press release.

May 16, 2017- Director Art Erdman was awarded the Entrepreneurship Faculty of the Year Award from the Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship, Carlson School, University of Minnesota.

April 30, 2017- Dr. Art Erdman quoted in "The 4 Essential Elements of Device Design Today" MD&DI article. Read more about necessity of "...ease of use, patient centricity, and increasing value to the healthcare system."

March 20, 2017- Alumni Innovation Fellow Ben Arcand and ArteMedics recognized in the full recovery of a Department of Homeland Security Border Patrol dog. Kvido's debilitating back pain was relieved using ArteMedics' spinal implants making it possible for him to go up stairs, run, jump and return to active duty again! Read the article and watch for more information. (starting at 0:25)

Jan. 14, 2017- We are proud to announce that Dr. Art Erdman has been awarded the 2017 ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Savio L-Y Woo Translational Biomechanics Medal, for "translating meritorious bioengineering science to clinical practice through research, education, professional development, and with service to the bioengineering community". The award is to be presented at the 3rd Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport Conference, June 21-24, Tucson Arizona.

June 14, 2016- Dr. Art Erdman talks to Meghan Alonso about his background in engineering, how 3D printing helps research, and how to navigation the development and innovation process.

May 12, 2016- Small Business Prize awarded to student team sponored by Henry Cervantes and the Medical Devices Center.

Dec. 30, 2016- Read how virtual reality at the MDC is making a real impact in medical device testing!

Oct. 20, 2015- CoCreateX at the U of M. Dr. Art Erdman highlighted by Minnesota Business Magazine.


July 21, 2015- "U among leaders in federally named med-tech partnership" through the the Minnesota Medical Manufacturing Partnership Receiving Federal Designation. Click here to read more about how the Medical Devices Center and the Institute for Engineering in Medicine are a part of this.

July 9, 2015- "Addressing Western Design Bias in Medtech" Read what Dr. Erdman has to say in this MD+DI Article.

June 12, 2015- Former Innovation Fellow James Ankrum, Assistant Professor, BME, U of Iowa, was a finalist and prize winner for the NIH Single Cell Analysis Program "Follow that Cell" Challenge. He was also the grantee of a BD Biosciences Immunology Grant. Click here to read more.

May 28, 2015- "University of Minnesota now offers a new artificial retinal prosthesis device in clinical trial called the Argus II." The new device is designed to restore some sight in patients blind due to retinitis pigmentosa. Argus II is the world's first FDA approved artificial retina. Known as a "retinal prosthesis system," the Argus II is designed to partially restore vision in people with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare genetic condition severely damaging photoreceptors in the eye, causing blindness. Argus II replaces electrical pulses meant to be sent by photoreceptor cells in the eye, which are damaged by the disease. A stimulator is implanted inside the eye and connected to an external device, including a video camera and processing unit. The scene is captured and processed, then sent wirelessly to the implanted device for translation into electric pulses for the brain to receive. The device is designed to help patients see outlines and shapes, detect light, and help with simple day-to-day tasks. Some also report being able to read large print, a major advancement.

Anshul Gupta is a graduate research student with the Medical Devices Center. Anshul carried out visual function testing and device programming for the patients. Click here to read more online!

March 10, 2015- Surpass, Inc., a recognized leader in preclinical research, has established a Surpass Innovation Award at the University of Minnesota Medical Center to support early-stage medtech entrepreneurs and medical device innovation. Click here to read more about this award.


January 13, 2015- Medical Devices Center has been issued it's 4th patent! (US 8,933,416) Congrats on all the hard work that went into Catheter Insertion Sterilization!

September 26, 2014- Dr. Erdman, MDC Director and the Who's who at "Titans of Technology" speak on future technology via Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal. Click here to watch the video.

September 12-17, 2014- MDC was a huge hit at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) 2014! Many Surgeons realized the power of using the 3D virtual prototyping system that has been nicknamed the "Coffey Table". It allows you to view the anatomy from the angle that works best for the purpose at hand. Learn more about the "Coffey Table" on the MDC Website.

March 7, 2014- Hear about the UMN's Visible Heart Lab and Medical Devices Center on 3D Printing of the heart.

February 19, 2014- "'Talking' Medical Devices, Apps Continue to Evolve" Read what the new Associate Director and Alumni Fellow of the MDC Fellows Program, Ben Arcand, has to say. Click here to Read More

December 1, 2013- Learn why the U is a leader in medical devices innovation through an Interactive Photo featured by The University of Minnesota's Gifts at Work. Click HERE to learn more about how to give to the MDC.

November 19, 2013- The University of Minnesota article about the Medical Devices Center and Industry partnerships boosting realism and improving outcomes in medical training.

November 8, 2013- The StarTribune "Patent Pending" Blog covered the MDC and Boston Scientific Corporation's Innovative Collaboration of the Year Tekne Awards. Click here to read the blog.

November 6, 2013- The MDC and Boston Scientific Corporation took home the top prize at the 2013 Tekne Awards as 2013 Innovative Collaboration of the Year. Click here to read more.

October 25, 2013- The University of Minnesota's Department of Biomedical Engineering featured the MDC in their Annual Newsletter. Click here for a PDF of the full Newsletter.

October 14, 2013- "Japanese company's office could be big deal. Toray Industries will have one employee on campus with hopes of expanding." Read the full story in the MN Daily Article.

October 9. 2013- Daniel Keefe, UMN Computer Science and Engineering and Arthur Erdman, Mechanical Engineering (and the Director of the Medical Devices Center) have been awarded a grant related to Big Data and the future of modeling and simulation plus virtual prototyping as a core tool for medical device new product development. The proposed research will significantly advance the ability to develop new medical devices via virtual prototyping. In addition this work will help the medical device industry not only better meet the emerging heal health care needs, but do so by being able to deal with massive data sets (anatomical and other) and complex analytical simulations to optimize the design process and the resulting medical devices. Grant Details: "Coupling Data-Intensive Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization with Human Facilities for Design: Applications to Next-Generation Medical Device Prototyping” PI: D. Keefe (UMN), Co-PI’s: A. Erdman (UMN) and H.B. Runesha (U. Chicago), Co-funded by the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health, $725,000. Sept. 1, 2013 to Aug. 31, 2016.

October 6, 2013- Congratulations to MDC Director Arthur Erdman and Innovation Fellow Laura Paulsen for competing in the 2013 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on 10/6/13 Laura was the first woman to cross the 10 mile finish line and Dr. Erdman was one 8,849 people to cross the full Marathon Finish line. Check out the story about Laura's finish in the StarTribune and the local blog Down the Stretch!

October 3, 2013- The family friendly VistaTek Grand Opening Event was from 3:00-7:30pm in Stillwater, MN. Through a strong partnership with VistaTek, the MDC has been given an Injection Molding Machine housed in the VistaTek facility in Stillwater. This machine fabrcates multiple durometer silicone parts and uses cutting-edge injection molding technology.

October 1, 2013- ReMind Technologies, Houston (an MDC Innovation Fellows Program start-up by: Nicole Pardo, David Amor, Ashish Singal, et al) will be showcasing their cutting edge smart phone-based medication compliance device during the 2013 LifeSciences Alley Conference New Technology Showcase

September 30, 2013- Boston Scientific Corporation, Maple Grove and the MDC Fellows Program have been selected as finalists for a 2013 Tekne Award in the Innovative Collaboration Category. The Award Winners for all catagories will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center on November 6, 2013. This gala affair draws over 1,000 attendees.

September 12-13, 2013- Dr. Erdman was invited to speak about "Applications of Kinematics & Mechanisms to Med Device Needs" in Japan at The International Symposium on Interdisciplinary Research and Education on Medical Device Developments. Click here to view a PDF of the conference program.

September 3, 2013- UMN Alumni Association features the MDC in the Fall 2013 issue of MN Magazine! Click here to watch the video.

July 2013- The Medical Devices Center (MDC) co-sponsored the 2nd ZhongGuanCun International Medical Device Conference in Beijing, China. Over 72 Chinese based companies were represented including CEO's and other high level reps, including MD's. A dozen potentially licenable technologies from MDC were presented at the conference and Dr. Art Erdman was an invite keynote speaker.

July 17, 2013- Inspiration from the WhiteBoard: MDC Innovation Fellows Visit WhiteBoard. Read more about their visit here.

July 17, 2013- Watch Mpls StarTribune's coverage of MDC Innovation Fellow Laura Paulsen and Dr. Melissa Geller, Gynecologist Oncologist, University of Minnesota Physicians, as she explains the importance of the new Medical Devices Center to her work.

July 16, 2013- The UMN Office of Business Relations wrote an article on the MN Cup Competition. The 2013 competition overflows with 42 of the 57 are U of M alumni, students or faculty, including Laura Paulsen, MDC Innovation Fellow.

July 10, 2013- The Medical Devices Center hosted 12 representatives from the Costa Rican government, industry and academia along with members from the College of Science and Engineering (CSE). Discussions included CSE assisting in upgrading the engineering training programs in Costa Rica directly related to medical devices. A rich discussion of collaboration occurred along with visits to some of the teaching and research laboratories at the University of Minnesota. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Minister of Science of Costa Rica, the Honorable Mr. Alejandro Cruz and the Dean of the CSE, Dr. Steven L. Crouch. In addition to the Dean's Office, Department Heads of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and the Technological Leadership Institute were amongst the University of Minnesota’s representatives. Follow up discussions continue this summer with some implementation in fall and winter of 2013.

July 1, 2013- "MN-IP: Fast-tracking sponsored research at the U" A pioneering program at the University of Minnesota promises to speed connections between businesses and researchers at the U. Learn more about MN-IP at the UMN.

June 26, 2013- ReMind Technologies LLC received Honorable Mention at the 2013 Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit and Business Plan Competition. ReMind Technologies LLC is a start-up company formed by MDC Innovation Fellows Alumni Nicole Pardo, Ashish Singal and David Amor (2012-2013).

June 20, 2013- Art Erdman, Director of the MDC is scheduled to speak at the MSI and LSA Facilitates Research and Engineering of Drugs and Medical Devices Panel.

June 13-16, 2013- Alumni Innovation Fellow, Ben Arcand, competes again with former MDC lab supervisor Dillon Hodapp and the 1.21 Jigawatts crew in the 2013 Red Bull Creation Competition. There is only one rule: Use interactive lighting to create something awesome. Trying to repeat history, as the 2011 Red Bull Creation Competition winners, the team has 72 hours to LIVE build at Williamburg's McCarren Park in Brooklyn. Watch the qualifying idea, “99 (Red Bull)oons”. 1.21 Jigawatts crew was awarded "People's Choice".

June 10, 2013- MDC Innovation Fellow, Laura Paulsen, has advanced her lower urinary tract dysfunction diagnostic project idea to the Semi-Finals of the 2013 Minnesota Cup Competition. Nearly 1,100 aspiring entrepreneurs participated and 57 of the best and most innovative business ideas will now compete in the second round of the contest. Click Here to Read More

June 7, 2013- MD+DI's article "Innovation Medical Design and Virtual Prototyping Tool May Reduce Clinical Trial Burden" highlights the MDC.

June 4, 2013- The MDC Open House featured on the front page of the StarTribune Business Section and was also in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

June 3, 2013- MDC in the news for the Grand Opening of our new location! Check out the Channel 4 article.

May 21, 2013- MDC Innovation Fellows Mentor Norm Dann, talks with Lee Schafer about how the "Device Industry Needs to Simplify" Read the full StarTribune article.

May 15, 2013- University of Minnesota's Medical Devices Center and LifeScience Alley announce joint Innovation Fellowship aimed at commercializing medical technology. Read the full story.

March 15, 2013- Fellows Alumni Dr. Christopher Scorzelli of Kablooe Design was named one of the Top 40 Under 40 by the Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal. See the complete article. Congratulations Chris!

November 26, 2012- The College of Science and Engineering printed an article on the Medical Devices Center Expansion in the Fall 2012 "Inventing Tomorrow Magazine"

August 8, 2012- Minnesota Daily interview regarding the Medical Devices Center Expansion.

July 25, 2012- The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) has awarded $1.08 million to the University of Minnesota to build a new facility for the Medical Devices Center on the Minneapolis campus. Read the Full Story

July 24, 2012- Alumni Innovation Fellow, Ben Arcand, competes again with designer David Heisserer and crew in the 2012 Red Bull Creation competition (a game-building contest). Defending their 2011 title, the team had 72 hours to dream up and build a game, which they call "Hunt for Red September". Read the Full Story

June 28, 2012- Center Director, Arthur Erdman, was featured in the Medical Device Daily titled Director of Medical Devices Center sees Changes for Industry, interview by Jim Stommen. (Volume 16, Issue 125).

June 21, 2012- Center Director, Arthur Erdman, was featured in the Medical Device Daily titled Director of Medical Devices Center sees Changes for Industry, interview by Jim Stommen. (Volume 15, Issue 118).

June 10, 2012- Alumni Innovation Fellow, Christopher Scorzelli, was interviewed for a StarTribune article titled On the Job with Christopher Scorzelli Read the full story

April 07, 2012- Center Director, Arthur Erdman, was featured in a StarTribune article talking about the importance and value of Medical Device Design at the Design of Medical Device Conference as well as the University of Minnesota. Read the full story

March 13, 2012- Presentation titled "The Role of the University of Minnesota's Medical Devices Center in innovation for tomorrow" was given by Dr. Arthur Erdman, Center Director, during the MedNet Leadership Series held on March 13, 2012.

March 1, 2012- Art Erdman, Center Director, is featured on the Research and Business blogs at the University of Minnesota.

February 29, 2012- Former Medtronic CEO to lead new Minnesota med-tech research partnership. "A computer modeling project at the University of Minnesota's Medical Devices Center will be the first effort to come out of the center", LifeScience Alley CEO Dale Wahlstrom said in the article.

February 28, 2012- Innovation Fellows Program Director, Saurav Paul, will be presenting at one of the afternoon breakout sessions during the Science & Engineering Day held at the McNamara Alumni Center on the beautiful University of Minnesota Campus. Science & Engineering Day will be on February 28 from 11am-4:30pm.

January 20, 2012- Innovation Fellow, John Ferguson, and MDC collaborator, A. David Redish, highlighted in the StarTribune Business section."Wallin Discovery Fund fuels U research projects", article by James Walsh

December 7, 2011- The MDC plays critical role in FDA and academia agreement. StarTribune article, FDA, med-tech leaders seek accord.

August 9, 2011- New MDC Innovation Fellows Director highlighted in the StarTribune. Find the full blog here!

August 2-4, 2011- The Medical Devices Center partnered with the FDA and the UMN-College of Pharmacy to sponsor a workshop titled “DO A DESIGNATION” FDA Orphan Drug Workshops' held on the University of Minnesota Campus. For an informational brochure, click here

August 1-2, 2011- LifeScience Alley hosted senior officials from the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) in Minnesota for a series of meetings to discuss the advancement of regulatory science - FDA-CDRH Staff Visit Minnesota to Discuss Advancement of Regulatory Science

June 29, 2011- Aria, CV, a start-up company founded by two Innovation Fellows Program Alumni, hopes to create a medical device to treat pulmonary hypertension. -Startup Aria CV to commercialize U of M med device technology

May 2011- Medical Devices Center Director, Arthur Erdman, talked with Chitra Sethi, managing editor of about the history, current status, and benefits of using computational models for designing medical devices and the need for standardization of these computational modeling techniques.

March 11, 2011- Center Director, Art Erdman, quoted in the Minnesota Daily Article "Technology funding could benefit the University. Lawmakers and U officials are working to increase tech business in Minnesota."

February 19, 2011- Senator Al Franken visits the MDC! Read the Full Story

December 7, 2010- The MDC was mentioned on national TV in Japan on Tuesday, December 7, 2010. "Today's Close-up", a national nightly news documentary similar in style and popular recognition to 60 Minutes. Watch the complete segment titled "Device Lag" - the lengthy regulatory process.

October, 5, 2010- Medical Devices Center is highlighted in the Minnesota Daily: "From Research to the Real World"

April 8, 2010- Medical Devices Center Director, Arthur Erdman, was interviewed by the BioBusiness Alliance of MN regarding the unique capability and focus the Center provides in the Medical Device Community: Interview

MDC Innovation Fellows highlighted in the Fall 2010 Issue of the College of Science and Engineering magazine for Alumni: Inventing Tomorrow

MDC is highlighted in the Asahi Newspaper (cir. 8.2 million), the largest of the top three daily papers in Japan. The article is written by one of the leading scientific writers in Japan, Mr. Katsuhiko Tagaya. The MDC was honored to have a Japanese Delegation tour the Center in October 2009.

The Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows Program (YouTube video) was selected as one of the most novel/innovative programs in graduate level, experiential learning courses in medical device innovation 2009. Marie Johnson will present the program before 95 Biomedical Engineering Department Chairs at the October 7, 2009 Biomedical Engineering IDEA Conference in Pittsburgh. Its program will be used to “motivate design/innovation entrepreneurship education initiatives in BME programs worldwide.”

MDC Innovation Fellows Director and Joseph Hale, 2008-2009 Innovation Fellow Alum, highlighted in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal: From Practice to the Lab--Scholars in U program study ‘real world’ road blocks in medical community to create patentable solutions

MDC ON Legacy 2009 Issue of Web Extras: "Left to their own devices"

MDC Highlighted in the U of MN-Medical Bulletin Winter 2009 Issue: Body Mechanics

MDC featured in the Spring/Summer 2009 Issue of the College of Science & Engineering, formerly Institute of Technology, award winning alumni magazine, Inventing Tomorrow - Innovative Partnership

MDC Innovation Fellows Director in UMNews: Their Own Devices: Innovators Take Wing with Help from Marie Johnson and the Medical Devices Center Fellows Program

"Medical Devices Center opens New Research Facility"

MDC Highlighted in the U of MN-Medical Bulletin Fall 2008 Issue: New Medical Devices Center Opens

Twin Cities Campus: