University of Minnesota


Earl E. Bakken
Medical Devices Center

Encore Mentor

After earning an undergraduate degree in Physics and Math from the University of Minnesota, Dianne Rekow spent 11 years in industry, including leading a pacemaker development team at Medtronic. She then, with two small children, returned to the University of Minnesota to earn graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Dentistry including an Orthodontic Specialty, and PhD in Biomedical Engineering and she also earned an MBA from the College (now University) of St. Thomas. Dr. Art Erdman, her PhD advisor, became one of her collaborators in a startup company focused on pioneering work in dental CAD/CAM technologies, setting the stage for what has now revolutionized much of dental restoration design and production. After her graduate training, she focused on academic positions, beginning at the University of Minnesota. Eventually she led a 10-year NYU-based research initiative, integrating expertise from multiple corporations, academic institutions, and clinicians, focusing on damage initiation and propagation in brittle materials. Her most recent position was as Executive Dean of King’s College London Dental Institute, the largest dental school in Europe. Now retired, she lives in Maine, mentoring elementary and middle school students in math, serving as Senior Scholar for the Santa Fe Group (a think tank focused on improving health), writing both professionally and for fun, knitting, and periodically playing the piano.

Special Skills and Experience:

  • Medical Device Development
    • Leadership of technical teams
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Idea-to-Launch
  • Commercialization Pathways
  • Project Management
  • Technical and Grant Writing
  • Mentorship


Twin Cities Campus: