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Earl E. Bakken
Medical Devices Center

Encore Mentor

Bill is the president of Betten Systems Solutions LLC, a product development realization consulting organization with an emphasis on early stage product development and commercialization. Bill also serves as Sr. Vice President of Product Development and Engineering for ClearIt LLC. In addition, Bill works as Director of Solutions for medical devices for S3 Connected Health, a software/systems development firm specializing in digital health. Bill utilizes his years of experience as an engineer, program manager, and executive in the medical industry to advance device product developments into the medical and life sciences industries. Bill served as Director of Business Solutions for Devicix/Nortech Systems, Vice President of Business Solutions at Logic PD, medical technology Director at TechInsights, Vice President of engineering at Nonin Medical, and in a variety of executive, technology and product development roles at various high-tech firms, including Honeywell and 3M. He has been directly involved in a variety of medical developments, including hearing aids, perfusion systems, PACS and medical imaging, networking/storage, telemedicine, vital signs monitoring systems, and mobile health. His design/manufacturing consulting experience extends from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. His non-medical product development experience includes semiconductors, aerospace/defense, and industrial applications, including connected devices as part of IoT.

Bill is a member of the IEEE, Computer Society, and the American Telemedicine Association. He has served on medical Editorial Advisory boards as well as Advisory Boards for the Pediatric Device Innovation Consortium, for St. Thomas University, for the SD School of Mines and Technology where he is also an entrepreneur in residence, for Minnesota State University (Mankato), for Medical Alley’s R&D Advisory Group, and is a noted author and lecturer. He has served in many roles in his home community, including city council, planning commission, and economic development authority. Bill received bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and physics from SD School of Mines and Technology, and a master’s in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota as well as continuing executive education at Babson College.

Special Skills and Experience:

  • Extensive new product development expertise and proven ability to deliver products to market (from paper to production)
  • Electronic, software, systems and materials product development expertise.
  • Collaboration with customers and partners to identify a need, define requirements, and develop a solution (comfortable in the "fuzzy front end")
  • Business development and strategic planning capabilities.
  • Lecturer and Writer on Product Development, Medical Devices, Digital Health.
  • University Advisor and Mentor
  • BS Physics, BS EE, MS EE, Certificate in Adv. Management, PMP certification
  • System Integration with product development expertise in a variety of application areas:
    • Medical Devices and Systems (Hearing Aids, Telemedicine, Vital Signs Measurement, PACS, Diabetes, Telemedicine, Remote Monitoring, Digital Health)
    • Embedded Software Systems (DSP, Real-time machine control, robotics, measurement systems)
    • Application Software Development, particularly for data collection and cloud computing systems
    • Sensors, Image and Signal Processing
    • Internet of Things and connected devices, Data Storage, and Networking
    • RFID and Mobile Communications (Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, MICS, WIFI, Cellular)
    • Integrated Circuit Technology (Custom, ASIC, FPGA)

Twin Cities Campus: