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A system includes a user interface, a processor, and a memory. The user interface is configured to receive a user input and is configured to depict a first graphical representation of a device having a first configuration corresponding to a first simulation. The processor, coupled to the user interface, is configured to select a second simulation from a plurality of discrete simulations. The second simulation corresponds to the user input. The memory, coupled to the processor, is configured to store the plurality of discrete simulations. Each simulation includes device design parameters and corresponding performance parameters. The plurality of discrete simulations includes the first simulation and includes the second simulation. The processor is configured to generate a second graphical representation of the device having a second configuration and configured to depict the second graphical representation using the user interface. The second configuration is determined using the second simulation.

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Patent No.: US 10,831,936 B2
Date of Patent: November 10, 2020

Inventors: Arthur Erdman (New Brighton, MN), Daniel Keefe (St. Paul, MN), Dane Coffey (St. Paul, MN)




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