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Tissue-stabilization Method for Medical Procedures


Fastener Placement Apparatus

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A method and apparatus for designing and fabricating a pantomesh. The pantomesh includes a plurality of pantomesh elements each including a pairs of links connected to one another by a revolute joint at points between their ends. Each of a plurality of the pantomesh elements is connected using spherical joints to a plurality of neighboring pantomesh elements, wherein a first line that extends along one side of a first pantomesh element forms a first variable angle with a second line that extends along an opposite side of the first pantomesh element. In some embodiments, at least some of the pantomesh elements of the pantomesh are not isosceles trapezoidal elements. In some embodiments, the pantomesh is used to compress breast tissue during an MRI procedure. In some embodiments, the pantomesh is connected to one or more actuators that facilitate remote control of the amount of compression provided.

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Patent No.: US 10,357,327
Date of Patent: July 23, 2019

Inventors: Blake Timothy Larson (Saint Paul, MN), Arthur Erdman (New Brighton, MN)







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