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Treatment and Placement Device for Sinusitis Applications


Fastener Placement Apparatus

Illustration from Patent

This device can include a hollow catheter and probe, and can be configured to permit gradual and incremental probe extension. The device can be constructed to enhance the precision and maneuverability within the nasal and sinus passageways, while also accommodating the natural anatomical geometry of a targeted paranasal treatment site in an in-office setting as opposed to an operating room.

For example, the present treatment and placement device can accomplish access to the maxillary sinus ostium by utilizing an uncinate process to guide a probe tip into the ostium in a retrograde manner. The probe can be slidably, bi-directionally or coaxially positioned within the catheter. A distal portion of the probe can be biased away from a longitudinal axis of the catheter.

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Patent No.: US 8,435,261 B2
Date of Patent: May 7, 2013

Inventors: Benjamin Arcand (Mpls, MN); Joseph Hale (Maplewood, MN); Nikhil Murdeshwar (Maple Grove, MN); Bryan Rolfes (St. Paul, MN)





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