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Micro-orifice Surgical Access System


Sterilization Device

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A surgical access system including an access port device. The port device has a port member, a plurality of blades, and an articulation mechanism. The blades are circumferentially arranged about a longitudinal axis of the port member to collectively define an access region. The articulation mechanism defines a pivot point along a length of each blade, and is operable to articulate the blades between collapsed and expanded states. The blade tips collectively define a diameter in the collapsed state that is less than that in the expanded state. The blades rotate about the corresponding pivot point, and the pivot points move longitudinally relative to the port member, in transitioning between the contracted and expanded states. Light source(s) can be integrated with the blades or separately provided to enhance surgical field visibility.

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Patent No.: US 9,072,501 B2
Date of Patent: July 7, 2015

Inventors: Hector Menchaca (Apple Valley, MN); Van Michalek (Arden Hills, MN); Nestor Suguitani (Sao Paulo, BR); Henry Buchwald (Edina, MN); Mitsuhiro Oura (Minneapolis, MN); Arthur Erdman (New Brighton, MN)





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