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System and Method for Reducing Environmental Crematorial Release of Mercury from Mercury-Containing Dental Amalgam


Fastener Placement Apparatus

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The invention described herein provides for a simple, economical system and method for reducing environmental release of dental amalgamous mercury from teeth caused by cremation of corpses. The invention controls and reduces the amount of mercury released using a pre-crematorial and non-disfiguring system and method. The system of the invention can include a dental containment and applicator delivery system to apply a curable thermal protectant composition onto the teeth. The composition coating significantly inhibits the extent of thermal destruction of the tooth per se including its amalgam filling content.

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Patent No.: US 8,402,619 B2
Date of Patent: May 26, 2013

Inventors: Benjamin Arcand (Mpls, MN); Joseph Hale (Maplewood, MN); Nikhil Murdeshwar (Maple Grove, MN); Bryan Rolfes (St. Paul, MN), Steven Johnson (La Crosse, WI), Luke Mitlyng (Litchfield, MN), Joseph Mullenbach (Adams, MN), Kristopher Kapphahn (Minneapolis, MN)




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