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Method and Device for MRI-guided Breast Interventions

Device for MRI-guided Breast Interventions

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A method and apparatus for radially compressing bodily tissue and performing medical procedures from a selected one of a plurality of circumferential positions and angles, a selected one of a plurality of different elevations and elevational angles. Some embodiments include a tissue-compression fixture having members that are configured to be moved to radially compress bodily tissue such that each of a plurality of areas of biological tissue are exposed between the plurality of members, and wherein the fixture is compatible with use in an MRI machine in operation; an actuator having a receiver for a medical-procedure probe; and a computer system operatively coupled to the actuator to move the probe. The computer receives user commands, and based on the commands, moves the actuator to a selected one of a plurality of different positions around the tissue-compression fixture and then extends the probe into the patient.

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Patent No.: US 9,554,779 B2

Date of Patent: January 31, 2017

Inventors: Blake Timothy Larson, Saint Paul, MN (US), Arthur G. Erdman (New Brighton, MN)




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