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Computer Visualization of Anatomical Items


Fastener Placement Apparatus

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A computer-implemented medical visualization method includes identifying a three-dimensional model of an anatomical item of a particular mammal; automatically identifying an open path in three-dimensional space through the anatomical item; fitting a smooth curve to the open path; and displaying the anatomical item and a visual representation of the smooth curve to a user on a three-dimensional imaging system.

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Patent No.: US 9,818,231 B2
Date of Patent: November 14, 2017

Inventors: Dane Coffey (Burbank, CA), Daniel F. Keefe (St. Paul, MN), Arthur Erdman (New Brighton, MN), Benjamin J. Bidne (Hanover, MN), Gregory Ernest Ostenson (St. Paul, MN), David Flynn (Lino Lakes, MN), Kenneth Matthew Merdan (Loretto, MN)

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