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Urinary Catheter Support


Fastener Placement Apparatus

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A urinary catheter support configured to support an indwelling urinary catheter such that the urinary catheter is secured relative to the penis of a male patient includes a flexible main body having an interior size and configured to receive and accommodate the penis of the male patient. A catheter support is located at a front end of the main body and is configured to support a catheter adjacent a longitudinal axis of the main body. A slot extends along the longitudinal axis through the main body and the catheter support. A strap includes first and second end segments and a middle segment between the first and second end segments. The first and second end segments respectively extend through first and second openings in the main body, and the middle segment extends through an interior of the main body.

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Patent No.: US 11135401 B2
Date of Patent: Oct. 5, 2021

Inventors: Shawn Michele Sisco (Robbinsdale, MN), Anthony Itambo (Minneapolis, MN), Bita Rajablou (Minneapolis, MN), Austin Andrews (Minneapolis, MN), Andrew Wloch (Minneapolis, MN)

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