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Care Unit (BilliBlossom)


Fastener Placement Apparatus

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A care unit can include a base member and a plurality of petal members. Each petal member can extend from a first end, engaged with the base member, to a second end, spaced from the base member. Inward-facing surfaces of at least two petal members and the base member can collectively define a cavity for receiving at least a portion of the patient. The care unit can further include one or both of a therapy component, configured to provide a treatment to the patient, or a sensor component, configured to monitor a condition of the patient. The therapy component can be coupled to, or integrated with, one or both of the base member or a petal member and can include an optical light source, a thermal energy source, an oxygen or air source, a sound wave source, a sound wave-cancelling source, or a pulsating source, for example.

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Patent No.: US 9,907,688 B2
Date of Patent: March 6, 2018

Inventors: Felicity Pino (Kansas City, MO), Saurav Paul (Minneapolis, MN), James Krocak (Minneapolis, MN), John Ferguson (Minneapolis, MN), Nicole Eugenia Pardo Lamos (Humble, TX), David Amor (Glenview, IL), Ashish Singal (Blaine, MN), Greg Ruth (Chanhassen, MN), Blaine Schneider (St. Paul, MN), Kari Roberts (St. Paul, MN)

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