University of Minnesota


Earl E. Bakken
Medical Devices Center


The Innovation Fellows Program is an intense, immersion experience that identifies current medical device needs and innovates solutions. The Fellows translate ideas into inventions, develop prototypes, and conduct preliminary stages of testing.

Since the program’s inception in 2008, there have been:

  • 297 Invention Disclosures
  • 147 Patent Applications
  • 160 Technology Licenses Executed
  • 16 Patents Issued
  • 77 Alumni Fellows
  • 16 Start-up Companies
  • 34 Products Licensed/Optioned/Donated
  • over $35M Funding Raised by former Innovation Fellows

The Program is looking for a cross-disciplinary team interested in collaborative medical device innovation. Those encouraged to apply include: postgraduate engineers, experienced physicians as well as those in their residency or fellowship training, bio-scientists, seasoned medical device professionals, business professionals, IP attorneys, medical practitioners and others with a special interest in collaborating on medical device innovation and development.

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