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Jaya Ravichandran completed her Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. When she was an undergrad, she interned at Medtronic as a manufacturing intern. After she graduated she started a full time job at Abbott. It was during her first year at Abbott that Jaya realized she wanted to pursue a more technical and hands on role in the medical device industry. She then opted into a part time position in R&D with TAVI/TAVR catheter delivery systems at Abbott while she pursued her Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. Jaya then joined Boston Scientific, where she currently works, to support the development of shafts for various types of catheters.

Jaya strongly believes that to gain a stronger understanding of the industry and a more versatile problem solving skills, you should explore different career opportunities early in your career. Jaya is passionate about combining her biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering skills to create future generations of medical devices that are high quality and affordable to increase accessibility and equity in the healthcare system.


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