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David Nedrelow

David Nedrelow
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"The Fellows program introduced me to some world-renowned experts in business, engineering and facial plastic surgery who are still working with students, but they are also working outside the teaching environment. The fellows program is of tremendous value to me because it has shown me how to communicate more effectively with people across a wide range of different departments, like biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutics, dentistry, medicine, Carlson School, inside the University and with people in a clinic or industry outside the teaching environment."

David enjoys teaching, research, and clinical dental care. He cares deeply about innovation in craniofacial care. He has degrees in music, chemistry, dentistry and biomedical engineering. David recently completed a postdoctoral associateship in the Victor Barocas Lab in tissue mechanics and computational mechanics and is looking forward to exploring new avenues for growth.

His interests are biomechanics, tissue engineering, and translational research.

David likes spending time with his girlfriend and is an active member of his church and of the Minnesota Soaring Club.


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