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Tom Viker

Tom Viker
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TOM VIKER, BA (2016-2017)

Tom has 24 years R&D experience with the most recent 15 focused exclusively on medical devices. He has extensive knowledge of mechanisms, materials and manufacturing processes, the ability to bring theory into practice, and is recognized as named inventor on over 30 U.S. patent applications. Development work with multiple firms has provided Tom an in-depth understanding of clinical, regulatory and quality aspects of the medical device business including risk assessment, the development of requirements and product specifications, and design assurance.

In addition to his industry experience, Tom spent a year as a Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Bakken Medical Devices Center where he invented and patented an innovative hydrocephalus shunt with improved reliability. This technology was licensed by Cerovations from the University and the Pediatric Device Innovation Consortium provided a grant for design feasibility work. An SBIR grant has been secured to finance the initial phases of the commercialization effort.


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