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Bradley Slaker
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Brad is a passionate developer of things that have not existed before. His focus has been on creating new healthcare related products, specifically medical devices and the processes used to develop them. He thoroughly enjoys the creative process and its application to addressing unsolved or unmet health needs as well as sharing, mentoring and fostering this problem solving passion in those he works with. He believes we are all creative individuals, each with a different medium where our creativity is expressed. It is through the creative exercise that new things and ideas come into existence that helps drive progress forward.

Brad is a successful product development professional with over 25 years' experience in all aspects of medical device realization from concept generation to commercialization. These experiences have come from both small, start-up organizations to large, multi-national organizations. He has successfully developed and commercialized medical devices for the orthopedic, cardiovascular, urology and neurology markets. He has a BSME degree from the University of MN and an MBA with an emphasis on entrepreneurial studies from the University of St. Thomas.

Brad's mission is to help new healthcare related products get developed and into the hands of those who need them along the way leading, mentoring and coaching others to develop their own abilities to create something new and fantastic. To adequately tackle an unmet health need you must first and continually empathize with those who have the need. As product developers, we need to 'walk in their shoes' as much as possible and continually seek their engagement in the product development process.

The contribution he is most proud of is being a part of the collective energy of over 350 volunteers focused on addressing the unmet and underserved healthcare needs of children. Through the non-profit organization he founded, DesignWise Medical, he has expanded people's thinking to not only developing children's medical devices but also raising the awareness of their oftentimes overlooked healthcare needs.


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