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Brian Krohn

Brian Krohn
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BRIAN KROHN, PhD (2015-2017)

Brian recently completed his PhD in environmental science from the University of Minnesota, where his research focused on analyzing possible development pathways and policy support for sustainable biofuels. He became interested in biofuels as an undergraduate chemistry major, when his research led to a novel method for synthesizing biodiesel from waste oils. The process was commercialized, and Brian is an author on the seminal patent. Wanting to explore the implications of renewable technology beyond the bench top, Brian moved abroad to complete two master's degrees, one in environmental policy and the other in the philosophy of science, at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar.

Brian continues to be passionate about innovation and the creation of new products. He is a co-founder on a number of entrepreneurial projects, ranging from supplying local hops to Minnesota craft breweries, to a successful health app that provides high quality fitness instruction to users around the world. Developing apps for mobile devices remains his primary interest, and he hopes to continue to blend technology and healthcare to improve people's lives.

In his free time Brian is a tinkerer and a traveler. When he is not taking something apart or planning his next trip, he enjoys taking walks or cross country skiing with his wife Kari and their springer spaniel Sophie.


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