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James Cezo
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JAMES CEZO, PhD (2013-2015)

Jim received his BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. As part of the Biomedical Devices Research Lab at RIT, Jim pursued research on a novel magnetic bearing Left Ventricular Assist Device. This early research fueled his interest in biomedical engineering, which allowed him to combine his passion for medicine and technology. He became particularly interested in medical devices and the way they interact with the body.

Jim continued his academic pursuits at the University of Colorado at Boulder, receiving his PhD in Mechanical Engineering. His doctoral research focused on studying the biomechanics of tissue fusion, in order to shape future design and use of tissue fusion devices. He has presented his research at SPIE, and ASME conferences and has most recently been published in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. In addition to his research, Jim was the instructor for the Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Machining class for two years.

In addition to his intellectual interests in biomedical devices, Jim has a personal interest as well. Prone to injury, Jim has undergone a shoulder labral repair, a tibia internal fixation, several dislocations, and a broken toe over the past few years. He recognizes the need to keep developing new devices so he can continue to put himself back together again.

When not in the lab, Jim enjoys hiking, climbing, canyoneering, biking, cooking and spending time with his fiance, Katie. Jim is also a world-class, four-time coffin racing champion.


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