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Rodrigo Molina

Rodrigo Molina
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RODRIGO MOLINA, PhD (2013-2014)

Rodrigo Molina is an award-winning scientist and entrepreneur whose work has been featured in many international media and professional organizations. After graduating from the world-renowned Chemical Engineering department of the University of Minnesota, he took a position in an elite engineering program at Intel Corporation where he led lean manufacturing and engineering projects. Rodrigo was impressed by the far-reaching applications of nanotechnology and decided to pursue graduate work at the University of Oxford, where he was awarded the prestigious VenCap Scholarship in Biomedical Engineering and Commercial Entrepreneurship.

At Oxford, he patented an antimicrobial nanomaterial platform and published in several nanotechnology and scientific journals. He has since received numerous industry awards and is regularly invited to participate in leading international nanotechnology and innovation conferences. In 2010, he founded Natura Nova, a nanotechnology platform company with a portfolio of patents and clients in the agriculture and energy sector. Rodrigo has also served as a pharmaceutical market intelligence editor and is on the advisory board of Bioreactive Innovations, an emerging biopharmaceutical company.


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