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Jenna Iaizzo

Jenna Iaizzo
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JENNA IAIZZO, MBA (2013-2014)

In addition to being in the 6th class of Innovation Fellows, Jenna holds a BA from Gustavus Adolphus College and MBA from University of Saint Thomas with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Some of her previous research has focused on analyzing the connection between psychological stimuli and cardiac function, the effects of pre-incubation with either black bear bile acids or plasma on skeletal muscle force recovery following hypoxia. She consulted on product design for both the HotDog® patient warming blanket and an allergy pillow control system and managed feasibility trials at Fairview Hospitals while at Augustine Biomedical + Design.

Jenna joined Medtronic's Structural Heart (SH) R&D business unit in 2008. She worked on the transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) program researching deformation of the stenotic aortic valve as to develop an in vitro test method and resultant stent structural properties. She also spent four years in both CRDM and as part of the CoreValve program in clinical research at Medtronic.

Jenna has also authored chapters regarding the clinical trial requirements for cardiac values.

While in the program, Jenna worked on several different areas including orthopedics, heart failure, and anesthesia solutions. The results of this work were several invention disclosures, a provisional patent, and $10,00 in grant funding.


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