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Chinmay Manohar
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CHINMAY U. MANOHAR, MS (2012-2013)

Chinmay Manohar is clinically trained R&D Engineering with over 7 years of R&D experience ranging from medical image analysis to physical activity measurement for obesity prevention and more recently in type 1 diabetes.

After obtaining B.E. in Industrial Electronics from Nagpur University, Nagpur India, Chinmay moved to The United States and received M.S. in Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Houston. During his graduate studies he developed algorithms for medical image analysis with emphasis on thermal Infrared Imaging for non-contact based physiology monitoring.

Since graduation Chinmay has been working with the Division of Endocrinology at Mayo Clinic, where he developed MEMS based wearable technologies for detecting patterns in physical activity. The technology Chinmay helped develop is licensed through Mayo Foundation office of Intellectual Property to a Mayo equity owned Startup Company based in Minneapolis MN named Muve, Inc. In 2007, Muve Inc. won the Minnesota Cup for the most innovative company and was named Minnesota’s “top breakthrough idea”.

Chinmay briefly spent time in Cleveland at Case Western Reserve University, where he served as Director of Clinical Technology at Center for Clinical Investigation at Case Medical School. While in Cleveland he managed a multidisciplinary clinical and research teams from Case Medical School, Metro Health Medical Center and Cleveland Clinic Foundation to lead their collaborative efforts in clinical and scientific research to setup a regional Nutritional & Obesity Research Center.

Before joining the Medical Device Center at University of Minnesota, Chinmay rejoined Mayo Clinic where he resumed his work with the Artificial Pancreas Group researching the effects of physical activity on blood glucose excursions

Chinmay is a music buff and an avid outdoorsman. Some of his favorite past time activities includes, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, and photography.


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