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Ashish Singal
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Ashish is a Fellow at Medical Devices Center at University of Minnesota. After obtaining BS in Biomedical Engineering, he was a research associate at the Center for Biomedical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, where he performed research on various projects with particular emphasis on Biosensors. He received MS in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, where he developed optical mapping techniques to study the electrophysiology of the heart. He is currently pursuing PhD in Biomedical Engineering at University of Minnesota.

Following graduate studies, he worked at Siemens and GE Healthcare as project lead, designing and developing diagnostic radiology equipment. While at Medtronic, he led the research, design and development of world’s first cardiac pacemaker that can safely operate in MRI environment. He was also involved with product development of neuromodulation devices for management of chronic pain, contributed to two product launches, and generation of numerous ideas.

He has over 15 years of medical device industry experience involved with research, design & development, and service & maintenance of medical equipment ranging from diagnostic radiology suites to implantable devices. He has presented in conferences and published papers on diverse topics, such as, biosensors, optical imaging, MRI compatibility, and pain management.

His aspires is to design medical devices that contribute to quality mass health care through affordable technology. In his spare time, he enjoys doing home projects, outdoor activities, and listening to music.


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