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Felicity Pino
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FELICITY PINO, MS (2011-2012)

"In no other position can a single person see so many aspects of medical device design -- from scrubbing up side-by-side with physicians to presenting a fleshed-out patented technology to VCs -- within any medical space his/her heart desires!"

Ms. Felicity Pino received her Bachelor's of Science in Biological Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia, specializing in biomedical engineering. As an undergraduate, Ms. Pino conducted university research in neurological-locomotor behavior, as well as research with NASA in the areas of chemical decomposition in microgravity, and human vestibular performance in microgravity. While at NASA, Ms. Pino also participated in the development of a cardio-analysis software tool, with applications in clinical and space medicine.

Ms. Pino went on to receive a Master's Degree in Biomechanical Engineering at Stanford University. Her studies, which were conducted through Stanford's Biodesign Program and Mechanical Engineering Department, focused in Cardiovascular Biomechanics. At Stanford, Ms. Pino applied Design School coursework to collaborate with Stanford Hospitals and Clinics in the design of a novel cardiomyopathy treatment device.

Ms. Pino then spent over five years at NASA, serving as a Space Station Life Support and Emergency-Response instructor, training and developing training for astronauts and flight controllers.Ms. Pino was selected as a 2011-2012 Medical Devices Innovation Fellow, where she and her classmates developed, among other technologies, a licensable neonatal device combining jaundice treatment with simultaneous neuromuscular support. Ms. Pino has been conducting research and coursework in Health Administration at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and serves as Program Manager in Quality Improvement at Children's Mercy Hospital.


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