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David Amor

David Amor
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DAVID AMOR, MSBE (2011-2012)

"The MDC Fellows Program was a launching point for my medical device career; I've learned how to implement innovative initiatives in even the most mundane endeavors!"

David Amor is a clinically trained R&D and Quality consultant to the medical device industry. He has assisted companies such as Navilyst Medical, TOBY Orthopaedics and Boston Scientific in design, development and recertification activities in this capacity over the last two years.

David is also a guest lecturer and teaching assistant at the University of Miami Department Of Biomedical Engineering, under his mentor Roberta Goode, where he focuses on FDA and international regulations governing the design, development and commercialization of medical devices.

Prior to joining the University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center as an Innovation Fellow, David was in the process of finalizing his graduate thesis in the design of a novel, adjustable length ventriculoperitoneal shunt for resolution of pediatric hydrocephalus. As a distinguished researcher, David has held a FORE-SCI fellowship at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis where he was heavily involved in the investigation of deep brain stimulation and its analgesic effects on spinal cord injury patients. He also served as an NIH IMSD Fellow where he developed an injectable collagen scaffold that served as a spinal cord biomimetic designated for use in acute spinal cord injury settings as a temporary regional bridge to impede cellular death.

David enjoys SCUBA diving, amateur physics, reading and training for triathlons.


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