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Karl Vollmers
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KARL VOLLMERS, PhD (2009-2010)

Karl Vollmers is currently co-founder and VP of R&D for Aria CV where he is working to develop technology developed by the 2009-2010 team of Fellows.

Karl was raised on a family farm in western Minnesota. He received a BA in Physics from Carleton College and subsequently received a MS in ME from the University of Minnesota. After receiving his MS degree he spent two seasons leading dog sledding trips in the woods around Ely Minnesota, he soon returned to the University as a research scientist in a Micro Robotics group where he worked the development of MEMS based micro relays for ADC telecommunications. This soon led to the opportunity to assist in the development of a new research group at ETH in Zurich Switzerland. He joined the group as the first research staff member working on magnetic micro-systems and was also responsible for developing and maintaining micro-fabrication facilities. After completing his PhD research in Zurich, he received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota where he was employed as a post-doctoral fellow at the university before starting his position as a MDC Fellow.


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