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Earl E. Bakken
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Virtual Prototyping Lab

Virtual Prototyping table at the Bakken MDC

Dane Coffey showcasing Virtual Prototyping using the Bakken MDC's 3D table. Nicknamed the "Coffey Table"

Named for Dane Coffey, the Computer Science PhD student who wrote the software for the system, the virtual reality and simulation project has continued to progress over the past year. A product of Dan Keefe’s Interactive Visualization Lab and Art Erdman’s Bakken Medical Device Center, this project is entering into a new phase. The preliminary grad student’s on the project have graduated and with two years of NIH funding remaining, the group is looking to enhance the usability and effectiveness of this collaborative and powerful design tool. New team members have already made their presence felt by reducing the memory usage of the software by 90%.

Along with a core team from the University, this project has also benefited from collaborations with outside companies and universities. The team recently ended a successful partnership with Boston Scientific Corporation that pushed the project forward. The University of Illinois, Chicago, has also been an important ally and over the past few months, a new collaboration has developed with Medtronic, Inc.

While talks continue at the University concerning the potential of this technology to be the foundation of a start-up company, the Bakken MDC continues to generate interest in the Coffey Table by highlighting the system on most tours. More recently, with the help of the Visible Heart Lab, the system was brought to the annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference in Washington DC, where it grabbed a lot of surgeons’ attention.

The virtual reality table and projector should not be used without consent from the Bakken MDC's lab supervisor.

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