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University of Minnesota


Earl E. Bakken
Medical Devices Center

Safety Training

Bakken MDC - Must complete saftey training prior to use

The Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center (Bakken MDC) Prototyping Facility has a variety of resources for innovators. To take advantage of the Bakken MDC labs, you must complete the appropriate training before use. The Moodle Course, "Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center Access Training" is accessible via the link below and can be completed at any time.

You will self-enroll in the Moodle course to complete the training module. If you DO NOT have a University of Minnesota account, you will need to create a guest account. The guest account may take up to 24 hours to be recognized by Canvas.

Those not affiliated with the UMN, need to sign the Bakken MDC Safety Agreement Form. Please sign and return to the lab supervisor before the first time you access the Bakken MDC Prototyping Facility.

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Training must be completed annually, based on the calendar year.


*If you are using Google Chrome, you may experience difficulty loading the training.

To complete the safety training in Chrome, click on the shield with the red square located in the right corner of the URL Address Bar and click on "Load Unsafe Scripts".

Edge, Safari, or Firefox browsers should allow you to load the training without this step.

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