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Intern Program- Closed

The Bakken MDC Intern Program is a chance for medical professionals at the University of Minnesota to have their device realized by engineering students. As projects are submitted to the program, they will be matched with a student or students who have submitted their credentials to our supervisory staff. A meeting will be scheduled between the medical professional, the potential student, and one of the lab supervisors. In the meeting the time frame, commitment and expectations will be discussed for all parties and an agreement will be made. All students and projects will be selected from our submission logs as positions open. Students who have completed a project are welcome to reapply for the internship.

Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply for the intern program. This is not exclusive to UMN Students.

Applicants must be self motivated, organized and able to commit substantial time weekly and complete the project on schedule. Interns will be matched with medical design projects and a physician who will be administering the project. Responsibilities include research, design, prototyping and/or testing of the device.

Click here to view details of the 2018 Earl E. Bakken MDC Intern Program and statistics!

Medical Device Projects

The Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center (Bakken MDC) is accepting medical design concepts that need to be realized. Projects must be realizable within a reasonable time span and all funding for materials must be provided by the project administrator. Project submissions will be reviewed by the Bakken MDC staff and matched with student interns who have experience or are interested in the project's scope within medical devices. Initial meetings will be facilitated by the Bakken MDC staff. However, the administrator of the project will be responsible for supervising student work and monitoring the progress of the project. Interested parties can submit their projects. HERE


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